Private Coaching Programs (Winter 2021-22)

While no player is exactly the same, in general I work through this process with the players I coach

1. Set Clear Goals

It’s all too common that golfers have unclear goals when they come for lessons. The first thing we will do is settle on some clear, measurable goals that will direct how we set up your coaching plan.

2. Assess and Create a Plan

Once clear goals are established,we will assess your skills, and create a plan for you to improve. This plan will always be relevant to your current ability and goals, and will be clearly communicated and accessible online via CoachNow.

3. Train and Support

Once clear goals and a sound improvement plan has been established, my job is to help you implement it. To make sure you practice effectively, and to keep you from going down the wrong path. This is where you have to get to work!

Oh, and we will have a great time as well!


Private Coaching

$125/hour + HST
Series of 5 for $350 + HST

Jake has been an excellent golf professional to work with. His interest is in really making a difference in your game, so he wants to work with you several times a month on a particular part of your game. When learning a new skill, he takes you through a series of progressions until you have it. He communicates how to perform an activity very well but if you can’t get it , he will adapt with another idea . He uses video feedback to show how you are progressing and as a takeaway reminder of what to work on during your practice sessions. And he expects you to practice in between lessons!!! I really enjoy working with Jake. Not only is he a great teacher but also lots of fun to work with!!!

– Barbara Olsen