What Parents Need to Know about Junior Clubs

Golf is an endlessly difficult game, at least it is with the wrong equipment. Club-fitting has come a long way in the last 10 or so years in helping make the game easier for adults of all skill levels. However, junior club-fitting has been mostly ignored. As such, young players are usually trying to learn … Read more

Jake’s Journal: On Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Golf is a very difficult sport. The motor control required to swing a stick around your body as fast as you can and then make contact with a tiny ball in order to produce a straight golf shot is incredible. In addition, there are bunker shots, chip shots, drives, irons and so on, all requiring … Read more

How Are Your Habits?

Let’s examine two hypothetical students’ study habits. The first student, Frank, goes through his notes from History class. His notes read as a perfect transcript of his teacher’s presentation. His study method is to re-read, and copy his notes over and over. Frank believes that the more repetitions of this process he goes through, the … Read more

Hidden Intentions, Ego, and Technique Change

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the salutation “stay safe” has become extremely popular. A quick google search of “stay safe email sign-off” shows article titles such as How to Write Emails in a Pandemic, which suggests traditional polite sign-offs “now come off as overly detached and tone-deaf” (really….?) Like Austin Powers, In my … Read more

A Cure For “Scatterbrain Syndrome”

How many golf accounts do you follow on social media? How many of those accounts are instructors? How many of those instructors post golf tips? Do you believe that these tips help you play better golf? There is no shortage of golf instruction available on the internet. There countless websites, magazines, and social media accounts … Read more

Ball Flight Basics

It’s really helpful to understand why the golf ball flies the way it does, yet it is rare that a new student already possesses this understanding when I meet them for their first lesson. Why is that? Trackman and other launch monitors have been around for well over 10 years now, and many golf coaches … Read more